Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Transforming Fashion Doll

Monday, August 15, 2011 - Posted by Panna Click at 12:18 AM
  • Inspired by the new animated movie, Barbie A Fashion Fairytale
  • Girls can play out the fashion show scene from the movie
  • Features transforming outfit from a princess gown to a party couture dress
  • Barbie's bodice magically lights up and is synchronized to music from the movie
  • Princess dress folds down and flips around to reveal her couture party dress
Customers Reviews : 
By E.F.
It's Barbie, need I say more. This one was a big hit with my 5yo, but beware, it beautiful and fabulous, and the movie isn't even out yet, so my child is feeling very special indeed (tx gramps). Do realize that this doll has a heavier and bulkier mid-section, where the music box/light feature is built in, so this is not ideal for dress sharing with your other barbies.

munchiesmema East Haven, CT
I check prices on this item and it was by far the best price. Also, the .97 shipping was a great deal also. My granddaughter will be thrilled as this is the only thing she asked for.

Jessieluvsrabbits Milwaukee,WI
I got this for my six year old daughter and omg she said ''Wow mommy it lights up and makes cool music from the movie''! ''Thanks mom I love my christmas present''! I was so happy and I got the dvd she loves it and I got her the flary dolls all three one ''Shyne'' was so hard to find and on Amazon they wanted so much over 9.99 dollars, I know Wal-Mart is cheaper! She loves all of the stuff from the movie and I just have to get her the pets and the Glitterizer and be done with it! lol

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