Barbie Princess Happy Birthday Doll : From Mattel.

Sunday, August 14, 2011 - Posted by Panna Click at 5:32 AM

BARBIE® Princess Birthday Doll: Happy birthday! Celebrate your birthday with Barbie® princess doll dressed in her special gown! Includes a gift-for-girl tiara as well! Doll cannot stand alone. For ages 3 and over.

Customer Reviews :
By Sandra S. Ansley 
This toy was for my granddaughter,and she was so happy to get it. She loves all her Barbies and can't have too much stuff. My daughter still has the Barbies she had as a child, and though they are a little paler, they have stood up well.

By Nathan
This barbie is made very well, and her dress is kind of tough, not like normal barbie clothes. It's so beautiful with the lollipops on it. My daughter LOVES it! She is also jointed, so you can move her legs too. =)

We purchased this Barbie for our daughter's Birthday, she loved it! The dress on the Barbie is beautiful! She has a pretty dress and lovely accessoriesA celebration for the birthday girl! Barbie doll wears a gown of bows, ribbons and lollipops and presents a girl-sized tiara and special birthday wish too!

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